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-> Moria
-> Angband
-> Iso-PernAngband
-> Zangband
-> Omega
-> Nethack
-> Falcon's Eye

Andre Roguelike sider

-> Bay12games - Beyond quality! :oP
-> Roguelike Guide
Indeholder god introduktion, roguelikespil-familietræ og noget om det sociale omkring roguelikespil.
-> Games/ Roguelike Index
Diverse FAQ's (OSS - Ofte Stillede Spørgsmål) om forskellige rogulikespil - lavet udfra hvad man snakker om i de respektive spils nyhedsgrupper.
-> A Brief History of "Rogue"
"The classic computer game "Rogue" was developed over a a period of a few years by a number of people. I was one of those people, and this is my version of the story. This happened quite a while ago, and my memory is imperfect, but I'll do my best to give the facts clearly and correctly. There are some details I don't know or may have confused. The others might tell the story differently."
-> Adom Homepage
Hype: "... one of the most detailed computer RPGs ever created (with hundreds of levels, randomly generated anew for each game, 200 combinations of races and classes, more than 600 items, 400 monsters, dozens of quests, skills and a lot more!)"


-> kujok.dk
-> mediamac.dk
-> slashdot.org
-> freshmeat.net

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